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Holistic programs
built for holistic health

"Diabetes" plan


Holistic personalized lifestyle program with the goal of achieving diabetes control or remission while optimizing use of medication, reducing risk of complications, and saving cost for you. Work with your entire clinical team.

"Obesity" plan
Coming soon


"Hypertension" plan


"Food as Medicine" plan

Food as Medicine

Use food to address the root cause of diseases and adopt healthy eating habits. Get access to a personalized program, Platos Coach, and receive medical supervision from your preferred dietitian.

Platos drives outcomes
you have never seen before

Listen to real stories of real people.

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Mrs K’s story

Mrs Kuburat Kolawole is a 45-year-old female patient living with type 2 diabetes for 7-years and a family history of diabetes in both parents.

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From frequent high blood glucose to a non-diabetic range within 3 months


From blurry vision, neuropathy and excessive weight loss to diversified diet, physical exercise, & self-monitoring

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You too can achieve these results

Get personalized care covered by some leading health insurance
and medically-supervised by your preferred clinic.

Pay for access or request coverage from your HMO

More and more Insurances are joining us.

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Medication adjustment from your physician

Food, physical activity, and sleep are some of the factors that will improve your health. Your clinicians can use Platos to prescribe or adjust your medication.

Medicine adjustments

Evidenced-based diet plan from your preferred dietitian

Our bodies react to food differently. Based on your personal profile, your clinical dietitian can use Platos to prescribe personalized diet that works for you.

Diet plan

Platos works with traditional hospitals and online clinics

More hospitals and clinics are signing up.

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Learn to take charge of your own health

Know more about your disease.

Make the right choices of food.

Know more about medication.

Educational articles

Bring data from any device you already use or order one

Glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, weight scales and more.

Integrating with Apple Health, OMRON soon
OMRON devices

Snap a picture, log your food in seconds

Food log screens

View your health progress & share with your clinical team

Health progress

Receive support from your clinical team, from anywhere


We respect
your age

Platos works for
young and for old.

Combining modern design, Platos is designed to work for people of all ages.

We respect your health data

Medical-grade data

Platos is designed to protect patient privacy & adhere to industry standards. We prioritize end-to-end encryption & regulatory standards.

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